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{10 things}

April 19, 2011


Sometimes on Monday mornings I like to look through a few magazines to get inspired for the week. Yesterday we had the new Allure {May 2011} in the office. I came to this page and couldn’t help but share. I find these 10 things every woman should have to hold soooo true.
1. Chandelier(s) – I actually have one in my bedroom and my bathroom, no mine was not $7600, but I found some stylish ones at Ikea.
2. A fitted blazer – I have more than I care to share, one of them being in tomorrows post!
3. Vintage jeans – What’s better than a good pair of your go-to jeans?
4. A game set – So fun to have around when a group of friends are over.
5. A pleated maxi skirt – Ha! You saw one on me yesterday (kinda) and more to come!! Can’t.Get.Enough.
6. Gold framed aviators – Just like this page mentions, gives you the rock star edge.
7. A big adventure – I think I’m still exploring my next adventure but for now I took a leap of faith and I moved across country…1 1/2 yrs ago.
8. A great tailor – Hard to come by but when you find one its for sure your best friend. I love mine!
9. Tennis lessons – A great workout for sure. I love my yoga but this works everything and you feel it.
10. High heels – “The higher the heel the sexier the shoe” Tommy Hilfiger <— Yes absolutely!!!


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  1. April 22, 2011 8:24 pm

    I don’t know how I missed this post – or this page because I have this issue {wow}, but I love it! Sooo agree with all – especially the tailor – gotta have one of those! And the high heels – I’m trying….I’m trying!

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