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January 18, 2011


I just adore the lookbook tab on Shopbop’s website. Have you ever been on it? You may become obsessed like me. There is always something fab on there and I find myself saying, “Ooooo – I gotta get that!” {or the look for less}. The latest is the Shop Your Style Fashion Profile. I woke up to this email yesterday and I immediately thought Oh, that’s me, Oh! that’s meee too. So I had to post as I think some of you may be able to relate. Does your style relate to just one of these or touches on all of them like me? I find fashion works for me with mixing high and low price points, not being head to toe in designer brands. I wouldn’t even if I could afford it, but it’s really being about  how to wear the outfit and making it your own.

Some or actually most days you’ll find me in heels but there are those days that I love a pair of flats where I can keep it classic and timeless. I’m sure you’re thinking, if I had to pick one what would it be? Well, it’d be Girly with Casual Chic being right behind it. Click here to see what’s your style!





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