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{10 favorite things}

January 6, 2011

I thought I’d share a few things that I encounter on a day to day basis that I suppose you’d currently call my favorites. Some of these are new to the list but none the less describe me in some way.

1. Computer. My Macbook Pro is my everything. I use it for blogging, photos, chat with friends & family, online shopping, this list goes on… I can’t imagine life without it! The same goes for my iPhone.

2. Ballet flats. Anything I can wear year-round in California becomes an absolute wardrobe staple. I personally love my Tory Burch flats because I can wear them for any occasion — to work, run errands, go to the movies or head out to a casual dinner. Love. Love. Love.

3. Watch. I received this for Christmas and I have rarely taken it off. It has become part of the bracelets and rings I wear everyday. It’s big, it’s obnoxious, it’s me!

4. California. This state has become my favorite place on earth. I’ve followed my dreams here and fall in love with it more each day. I do have my love/hate relationships with it {traffic being one}, but I enjoy exploring and still have TONS to see and do. Wanna come visit me?

5. Magazines. I just can’t get enough! They’re the perfect complement to my favorite blogs, inspiration and career. I have a slew that I read weekly as well as monthly, how can I choose my fave? I love them all!

6. Nail polish. There is no doubt I love to pamper myself to a mani/pedi. I don’t do it as often as I like should but regardless I’m updating my nail color VERY frequently. I tend to always lean towards the pinks. {snickering}

7. Quotes. They keep me going, I always enjoy referring back to one or another. This one I truly adore.

8. Camera. I don’t leave home without it. I capture everything with this and still have lots to learn. I received this last year for my birthday and we’ve been the best of friends.

9. Jewelry. Nothing puts the finishing touch on an outfit quite like accessories. I wear them everyday (yes, everyday) whether it be jewelry, scarf, headband, belt, etc. I have a few key items that I wear more than others but a statement piece is a MUST. You can wear with a tee, dress, blazer, tank…you see, its a must!

10. High heels. The higher, the better. I always feel better in them – comfortable or not.


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  1. Shirley permalink
    January 6, 2011 4:24 pm

    Wow! This blog has grown by leaps and bounds! Congrats to you!

    It swells my heart to see you do such fab things…..(like I didn’t know it would happen).

    It’s you…who you’ve always been…, just a little older than the little girl I raised.

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