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{black swan}

January 4, 2011






Over break, all I heard was how good the movie Black Swan was and I have to see it. So my roommates and I went, and I have to admit that all 3 of us really didn’t know what all was entailed other than it being pretty intense – and that it was! A ton of twists and turns, a lot of covering my eyes, sitting straight up in my seat, and clinching my fist especially when hearing the nail clippers. But none the less I came away thinking it was a weird but great, great movie. No matter what anyone told me prior I couldn’t prepare myself for such a thrilling movie. Natalie Portman was amazing – go see, if you haven’t already! Love to hear your thoughts.

You know what else was amazing – the costume designs courtesy of Rodarte. He never seems to disappoint and simply stunning. It kinda made me a little more obsessed with my trend of feathers, lace, and tutu’s. If you’re inspired like me here is a DIY skirt or few items I’ve pulled that you can add to your wardrobe. Take a look at them here, here, here and here


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