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{halloween treat}

October 25, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Since today is the week prior to Halloween and basically the beginning of the upcoming holidays – yay! I thought it’d be appropriate to start it off with a treat.

Spider Punch!
{image: Willams Sonoma}

3 cups cranberry-raspberry juice blend or other berry juice

3 cups sparkling water

1 cup thawed frozen strawberries or raspberries, pureed

1 cup crushed ice cubes


In a 2-quart pitcher or punch bowl, combine the juice, sparkling water, pureed berries and ice. Stir gently to mix. Divide the punch evenly among 8 glasses. Serves 8.

The one thing I just loved, think is the cutest thing & honestly what makes the drink is the spider ice cubes.

The day before (or 3-4hrs prior) you’ll need to fill an ice tray with water and place washed plastic spiders into each cube.


And Voila! You have a scary delicious mixed drink. Enjoy!

xoxo, with love and style!

{images above via google}

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