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{gift of yoga}

October 19, 2010

Yoga has made a significant impact on my life & forever grateful that it is part of me. I’ve started since I’ve been in LA (which is now a year – time flies) but I wish I would’ve started sooner because I love it that much.

Yoga truly is for everyone, as my teacher (Ally Hamilton) explained to us on Sunday, “if you can breathe, you can do yoga.” She had a client come to her who was 77 years old, had smoked for 30yrs, multiple body and muscle ailments & Ally thought to herself, “what am I going to do with him?” As days, weeks and even months went by she saw huge improvement with him and he is now in the best shape he has been his entire life. Listening to that story, while literally dripping of sweat & waking up sore these last few days amazes me the mental, physical and spiritual benefits yoga can provide.

Some of my favorite stores for apparel and accessories are:
Forever 21

If you live in LA, some studios that I absolutely love are:
YogaHop (ultimate favorite) Yoga & Hip Hop mix that is FUN and brings a smile to my face.
Yogis Anonymous
Lululemon – nationwide (have free yoga on Sundays & other activities throughout your community – check your local store)
***I’m always trying new studios so check back for updated faves.

xoxo, with love and style!

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